Local Organizations

Allyship http://www.myspace.com/allyship

info: ALLYSHIP activists are LGBTQ and Allies who believe that all oppressions are interconnected and in the possibility of a world free of oppression. We seek to work in solidarity with marginalized communities to understand the interconnectedness of oppression and to support the systematic liberation of all people.

Phone: (206) 920-0680
Email: Allyship@yahoo.com

Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center http://www.apiwfsc.org

info: We envision a community free from violence. The mission of the Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center is to organize communities, educate, train, and provide technical assistance and comprehensive culturally relevant services on domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking to Asian and Pacific Islander community members, service providers, survivors, and their families.

Phone: (206) 467-9976
Fax: (206) 467-1072
Email: apiwfsc@apialliance.org
Mailing Address: Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center
P.O. Box 14047 Seattle, WA 98114

Bayan USA bayanusa.org

info: BAYAN-USA is an alliance of progressive Filipino groups in the U.S. representing organizations of students, scholars, women, workers, and youth. As the only international chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-Philippines), BAYAN-USA serves as an information bureau for the national democratic movement of the Philippines and as a campaign center for anti-imperialist Filipinos in the U.S.

Phone: 206-855-6690
Email: pnc@bayanusa.org

Chaya http://www.chayaseattle.org

info: Chaya is a community based nonprofit organization established in 1996 to serve South Asian women in times of crisis and need, and to raise awareness of domestic violence issues. While there are excellent agencies that provide services for Southeast Asians in Seattle, Chaya is the only organization that specifically addresses the needs of South Asian women.
Chaya’s greatest strength is that it is a network of people who are primarily South Asian who understand the cultural norms and stigmas associated with domestic violence and believe in the inherent strength and potential of each woman to address situations in which there has been systematic emotional and physical violence. Chaya’s services are free, confidential, and available to any woman in need.

Phone: 206-568-7576
Fax: 206-568-2479
E-mail: chaya@chayaseattle.org
Mailing Address: Chaya P.O. Box 22291, Seattle, WA 98122

Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CAR-W) carw.org

info: CARW is a group of white people in the Seattle area working to undo institutional racism and white privilege through education and organizing in white communities and active support of people of color-led organizations. We support the self-determination of people of color, honor their leadership and are held accountable to people of color-led organizations.

General: carw@riseup.net
Listserv: sign up at https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/carw

Coalition to Undo Racism Everywhere (CURE)

info: The Coalition to Undo Racism Everywhere is a grass roots network of groups whose purpose is to undo racism in institutions and communities. The movement is lead by people of color in coalition with anti-racist white people. All people wanting to undo racism in their communities are welcomed.

contact: curelist@lists.riseup.net

Common Action http://www.nwcommonaction.org

info: We are a regional anarchist organization in the Northwest United States with members representing the cities of Seattle, Bremerton, Tacoma, and Olympia. Our work thus far has focused on exploring transformative justice through accountability processes and developing an analysis around collective liberation.

Email: nwcommonaction@gmail.com

Communitites Against Rape & Abuse (CARA)

info: CARA promotes a broad agenda for liberation and social justice while prioritizing anti-rape work as the center of our organizing. We use community organizing, critical dialogue, and collective action as tools to build safe, peaceful, and sustainable communities.

Phone: 206.322.4856
Fax: 206.323.4113
Email: info@cara-seattle.org
Mailing Address: 801-23rd Ave S, Suite G-1, Seattle, WA 981449

Community Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ) http://www.ccej.org

info: CCEJ’s mission is to achieve environmental and economic justice in low-income communities and communities of color. We believe that everyone, regardless of race or income, has the right to a clean and healthy community. Environmental justice, or EJ, means that low-income people and people of color have equal access to environmental quality and services and that they are equally represented in environmental, land-use, regulation and community development planning projects.

Phone: (206) 720-0285
Fax: (206) 720-5241
Email: justice@ccej.org
Mailing Address: 1620 18th Ave Suite 10, Seattle, WA 98122

Democracy Insurgent http://www.democracyinsurgent.org

info: We are a majority people of color, Middle East Solidarity group animated by principles of democracy, anti-racism, and Third World Feminism. We are based in Seattle, Washington.

Email: d.insurg@gmail.com
Google group listserv: groups.google.com/group/democracy-insurgent?hl=en

Entre Hermanos http://www.entrehermanos.org

info: Entre Hermanos Agency fue creada para proveer apoyo, desarrollar liderazgo y fortalecer la comunidad gay, lesbiana, bisexual y transgénero Latina. Proveer un ambiente cultural, social y emocional saludable, creando un modelo apropiado a las necesidades de la comunidad.

Phone: 206-322-7700
Email: info@entrehermanos.org

El Comite http://www.elcomitewa.org

info: “Exigimos Porque Producimos (We Demand Because We Produce)”
In December 1999, Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social [formerly Comite Pro-Amnistia General Y Justicia Socia]l was organized as a grassroots organization in Seattle to draw attention to the plight of immigrant laborers in Western Washington. The group came together immediately following the massive protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that occurred in Seattle in late November 1999. Initial organizers included members of CASA Latina, LELO (Legacy of Equality, Leadership, and Organizing), the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and the Carpenters’ Union. One of the organizers’ key considerations was the lack of representation within the WTO protests of Latinos, Chicanos, and the immigrant community in general. The group worked at first as a loose coalition and later, in April 2000, formed as an official organization. The group further allied itself with faith-based organizations, organized labor, and civil rights groups to give a marginalized Latino immigrant community a voice in organizing for social justice.

Phone: (206) 324-6044
Mailing Address: 2021 S. Weller St., Seattle, WA 98144

Feminist Karate Union www.feministkarateunion.org

info: “Women teaching women since 1971”
The Feminist Karate Union began as a self-defense class for women taught by Py Bateman at the University of Washington in 1971. We are now an active, independent, 501(c)3 non-profit karate school for women and children, taught by women. Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Aleeta Van Petten, has been training and teaching at the Feminist Karate Union since 1980 and is among our third generation of black belt women.

Phone: (206)782-5662
Address: 1426 South Jackson, Seattle, WA 98104

For Crying Out Loud www.myspace.com/forcryingoutloud206 and forcryingoutloud206.wordpress.com

info: An umbrella organization/collective that’s been around since 2008. “For Crying Out Loud is a community response to an individual’s overwhelming need to respond to different sexual assaults in their community, aggressor accountability specifically, to help co-create accountability processes with survivors. We primarily serve the queer/punk/DIY communities, but also transient folks who have already established accountability processes in other communities and are looking to plug themselves in to those communities here. As a collective, we’re also interested in providing tools and resources for people to do accountability in their more immediate communities. There is no one standard for accountability and what that looks like, because according to us, accountability should be survivor defined. It looks different all of the time. But we want to have enough tools and resources that people feel comfortable picking it up and running with it in their more immediate communities.”

Email: forcryingoutloud206@gmail.com

HomeAlive http://www.homealive.org

info: Home Alive is a Seattle based anti-violence non-profit organization that offers affordable self-defense classes and provides public education and awareness.  We believe violence prevention is a community responsibility as well as an individual issue. Our work in self-defense encourages everyone to recognize their entitlement to the basic human right to live free from violence and hate.  Our goal is to build a cultural and social movement that puts violence in a context of political, economic and social oppression, and frames safety as a human right.

Phone: (206)323-HOME
Email: info@homealive.org

INCITE! http://www.incite-national.org



Justice Works http://www.justiceworks.info

info: Justice Work’s mission is “undoing racism in the criminal justice systems as experienced by African Americans. Their vision is to provide a safe, affirming, and unique community whereby African Americans, with the support of their allies, use self-determination to solve problems encountered with or created by the criminal justice system. Their three areas of focus are: the court system, the prison system, and prisoner re-entry.

Phone: (206) 309 2087
Email: justice_works@yahoo.com
Address: PO Box 1489 Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Legacy of Equality Leadership & Organizing (LELO) www.lelo.org

info: LELO was founded 33 years ago by Latino farm workers, Black construction workers and Asian and Pacific Islander cannery workers who realized that their conditions and struggles as workers were tied together. LELO founders such as Tyree Scott, Silme Domingo, Gene Viernes and Milton Jefferson have left the organization with a LEGACY of bringing working people together across lines that traditionally divide us. From fighting for the racial integration of Seattle’s building and construction trades unions, to the preservation of public childcare programs for poor women and children, LELO has always struggled for EQUALITY for all people. As an organization led by “ordinary” workers, we develop the LEADERSHIP of those most marginalized in our society: people of color, working class women, LGBTQ workers and recent immigrants. Our primary social change strategy is local ORGANIZING, with a heavy emphasis on political education and networks of solidarity with workers across the globe.

Phone: (206) 860-1400
Fax: (206) 860-1414
Email: workers@lelo.org
Address: 3700 S Hudson St, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98118

Lifelong AIDS Alliance http://www.lifelongaidsalliance.org

info: Lifelong AIDS Alliance was formed in 2001 through the merger of Chicken Soup Brigade and Northwest AIDS Foundation. We’ve come a long way since our beginnings in 1983, when a soup can was passed around Volunteer Park and collected the first $42 to help people living with HIV/AIDS in our community.
Today, we are staffers, volunteers, donors and community members from many different backgrounds. We are united in our determination to make sure that we never forget that HIV/AIDS still exists. We will be here until there is a cure.

Phone: (206) 328-8979
Fax: (206) 325-2689
Email: advocacy@llaa.org

People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN) www.pocaan.org

info: POCAAN is a multi-cultural AIDS prevention organization created in response to the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS was and continues to have on communities of color. In Washington State, POCAAN brings people of color together across differences of race, gender, class and sexual orientation to achieve its mission.
We are committed to develop, implement and promote comprehensive multicultural HIV/AIDS prevention models that are effective and responsive to the evolving needs of communities of color.
POCAAN seeks to remove the barriers created by sexism, racism and homophobia, which limit our abilities to access health care services and educational risk reduction messages concerning AIDS.

Phone: 206-322-7061
Email: pocaan@pocaan.org

Pinay Sa Seattle http://web.mac.com/pinayinfo/iWeb/Pinay/Welcome.html

info: Pinay* sa Seattle is a collective of Pinays celebrating our multifaceted identities, revolutionary history, and rich culture. We work to build a community in the Seattle area invested in educating, defending, and advocating for the human rights of Filipinas globally. *Pinay is a term coined by Filipinos in the US during the 1920s to refer to women of Philippine descent. Pinay sa Seattle means Filipinas in Seattle.


Real Change http://www.realchangenews.org

info: Real Change exists to create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty. The Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project has many faces, a newspaper, an advocacy group, a Homeless Speakers Bureau, and literary workshops. We do a lot, and all of it is working toward building bridges among the poor, homeless and the greater community, while engaging the broader public in fighting for economic justice. By publishing the newspaper and mobilizing the public around poverty issues, Real Change organizes, educates and builds alliances to find community-based solutions to homelessness and poverty.

Phone: (206) 441-3247
Fax: (206) 374-2455
Email: volunteer@realchangenews.org
Address: 2129 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA. 98121

Seattle Young People’s Project (SYPP) http://www.sypp.org

info: The Seattle Young People’s Project is a youth-led, adult supported organization that empowers youth (ages 13-18) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives.
Most young people cannot vote, do not have financial resources, and are generally not given credit by the adult world for having intelligent opinions. Young people are excluded from the political process and from decisions impacting their schools, neighborhoods and communities.
Young people have first hand experience with the issues that are impacting them, but their voices are ignored and misrepresented in the media. Adults are seen as the “experts” on what young people need. Well it’s time for youth to be heard and seen about their views.
Youth are on the forefront of every social and political movement for justice. Youth have the powerful ideas and skills needed to make social change. SYPP supports youth in turning their ideas into action. SYPP provides a youth owned organization with resources, office space, and organizing training so youth can work to change the system and be the leaders of our movement for social justice!
Now is the time for young people to lead their own struggle and be heard!

Phone: 206.860.9606
Email: info@sypp.org
Address: 2820 E Cherry Street, Seattle, WA 98122

The StoryTelling & Organizing Project (STOP) http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org

(not sure if this organization is local, but their website is pretty sweet!)

The StoryTelling & Organizing Project (STOP) is a community project collecting and sharing stories about everyday people taking action to end interpersonal violence. Many people have been developing community-based interventions to interpersonal violence. By that we mean:

– Actions taken to stop, address or prevent interpersonal violence
– Community-based or collective action — involving family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, community members
–  Actions that do not rely on social services, police or child protective services

While many of us support the idea of community-based responses to violence, some of us have difficulty even imagining what this could look like. What we found is that people have many stories about things they did to stop violence. Some are small things, some spontaneous, and some are big or involve lots of planning and lots of people.

Transforming Justice Coalition transformingjustice.org

info: Transforming Justice*Seattle is part of the national Transforming Justice coalition, and is just emerging as an organization of its own. Our work is done through American Friends Service Committee’s LGBTQ program.

Email: info@tranformingjustice.org

Trikone Northwest www.trikonenw.org

info: Trikone Northwest is a vibrant, diverse group of individuals creating a social, supportive, educational, and political space for differently oriented South Asians and their family, friends and community. By differently oriented we mean those individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer and those who choose not to accept a label or prefer other identities such as hijra, kothi, meti, men who have sex with men (MSM) or women who have sex with women (WSW).

Phone: 206.632.1572
Email: tnw@trikonenw.org
Address: 1122 E. Pike St. #1174, Seattle, WA 98122-3934


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  2. I read a lot of posts related to this but I’ve enjoyed yours the most so far.

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