Reading Lists and Links

Sexualized Violence

> blog: INCITE Women of Color Against Violence!
> website: INCITE Women of Color Against Violence! Resources for Organizing
> website: Generative Somatics
> transcript: The Healing Journey as a Site of Resistance by billie rain

Sexual Health/ Healing

> blog & website: Scarleteen
> PDF: HPV (human papillomavirus) by the down there health collective
> book: Trauma Stewardship by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky
> book:  Survivor’s Guide to Sex by Staci Haines
> book: Trauma and Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman

Social Movements/ Liberation

> blog: Gathering Forces “I’m a Force by Myself but we’re a Movement when we’re Together”
> bog: Black Orchid Collective “multi-gendered, multiracial revolutionary collective attempting to develop an effective relationship between theory and practice”

Community Accountability/ Transformative Justice/ Consent

> PDF: Towards Transformative Justice by Generation FIVE
> website: GenerationFIVE End Child Sexual Abuse in 5 Generations
> PDF: Taking Risks: Implementing Grassroots Community Accountability Strategies by Communities Against Rape and Abuse
> article: Taking The First Step: Suggestions To People Called Out For Abusive Behavior
> PDF: What to Do When Someone Tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault by Phillys Pissed
> PDF: The Revolution Starts At Home Collective: Confronting Partner Abuse In Activist Communities
> PDF: Let’s Talk About Consent Baby
> PDF: Unmarked Categories and the Question of Power
> PDF: Learning Good Consent
> PDF: ?Consent!
> PDF: Think About It… a zine on verbal consent & addressing sexual assault
> PDF: What to Do When Someone Tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault
> PDF: Women’s Self Defense–Stories & Strategies of Survival
> PDF: See No, Hear No, Speak No: Articles + Questions About Sexual Assualt
> PDF: Thoughts about Community Support around Intimate Violence
> PDF: Dealing With Our Shit: Minneapolis Men’s Group and Aggressor Accountability

Organizing/ Educating

> zine: Collective Process: Overcoming Power
> website: School of Unity and Liberation

Race/ Anti-Racism

> website: Challenging White Supremacy Resource List/ Creating an Anti-Racist Agenda

Queerdom/ Sexuality

> blog: FIERCE (New York City)
> blog: Queers Without Borders

Gender/ Sex

> list: Trans & Allies Club Book/Film List 09/10


> blog: CripChick

Migration/ Immigration

> blog: No One Is Illegal – Vancouver
> blog: No One is Illegal – Toronto
> blog: Mexico Solidarity Network
> blog: El Enemigo Común


> book: Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide by Andrea Smith

Class/ Capitalism


Police/ Military/ State


Art and Activism

> Just Seeds: Visual Resistance Artists’ Collective
> Groundswell Collective
> Beehive Collective
> Favianna
> Dignidad Rebelde



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