Engaging Men to End Violence: Men Against Violence Programs
facilitated by Brian Anderson
Have you ever heard someone say “Ending sexual violence is a women’s issue?” Have you ever wondered if campuses are seeking men to become advocates for ending sexual violence? If so, join us at this workshop to learn the importance of engaging men in this work. We will be discussing why it is important to have men involved as well as going over models that colleges and universities have created to engage men. The second part of the workshop will be learning activities to do with men’s groups.

Gang Related Deaths/Violence
facilitated by Dr. Edward Reed
The purpose of this workshop will be to address the pros and cons of the “Do Not Snitch” discussion that is going on in the local community following recent gang related deaths and over forty shootings. Many crimes are going unresolved and tension in our community is increasing. Two questions that will be explored are:
1) Why are young people and adults unwilling to cooperate with the police after shootings?
2) Who is being protected by the “Do Not Snitch” campaign?
Dr. Reed will also discuss and take questions regarding the viability of the “code of the streets.”

Native Women’s Responses to Violence through Writing
facilitated by Dr. Christina Roberts
In this workshop, participants will examine literature by Indigenous women and the literary strategies they develop to address abuse and trauma.  Workshop participants will also receive information about violence against Indigenous women and discuss the social, political, and cultural influences that contribute to the culture of violence.  The workshop will focus on the development of strategies for discussing the culture of violence and for resisting the pervasiveness of that violence.

The Dynamics of Clergy Abuse
Facilitator: Professor Mary K Brennan
The Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis has dominated the news since 2002 as victims have increasingly come forward to tell their stories. What are the dynamics of this abuse ? What is the particular impact of clergy perpetrated abuse? What is known about this type sexual abuse in the United States? How has the Catholic Church as an organization responded to these disclosures? What are theoretical frameworks to guide our understanding and give direction for interventions?

Facilitator: Communities Against Rape and Abuse (Cara-Seattle.Org)
Workshop Description: n/a

Facilitator:Professor Merril Cousin
Workshop Description: n/a

Transgender People and the PIC
Facilitator: Transforming Justice
In this workshop, we will learn about the ways in which racism, classism, and transphobia intersect to create overpolicing and profiling of low income trans and gender non-conforming people. Low income gender non-conforming people face a high risk of imprisonment, police harassment, and violence – and all transgender people in the prison industrial complex face challenges and dangers specific to their gender presentation. The workshop will include discussion, information about local and national organizing efforts, and a short documentary. People of all knowledge and experience levels about issues relating to transgender and gender non-conforming people are encouraged to attend. Please bring your ideas and questions for this engaging workshop/discussion.


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