SYPP Fundraiser: FamBam!

A Dinner and Celebration of the SYPP Family
-Saturday, May 21st, 5:30-8pm-
Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church
3001 24th Avenue South 
Seattle, WA 98144
Register here:

What’s a FamBam?

fam·i·ly [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee] noun   +    bam [bam] noun, verb   =  Fam·Bam
1. a night of sharing, storytelling, eating and laughter with old and new friends.
ex. I can’t wait to go to the fambam tonight so I can eat til I burst and laugh til I cry!
2. to bring communities together to celebrate the accomplishments of youth organizers with families, community and SYPP supporters.
ex. I’m glad we fambam’d last night. I learned so much about everyone there!

No auction this year? What makes this different? 

  • Instead of an emphasis on items and purchases, the focus is on fun and connection between supporters, youth, and their families.
  • A creative and unique celebration of how all generations contribute to social change, from our ancestors, to our supporters and alumni, to our current members.
  • More diverse and in-depth sharing about who SYPP is and why our work matters.

I want to be there! What do I need to know?

  • A delicious dinner is provided and you should be prepared to run for our famously fun dessert dash.
  • Come with a spirit of grassroots support for a worthy organization empowering youth in Seattle to fight for social justice. There will be a variety of ways to donate to SYPP and demonstrate support for our work.
  • Tickets are $40 for adults, and $20 for youth
Please register yourself as a guest by clicking this link:
If you have any questions about anything at all please feel free to call us at 206-860-9606 or email or

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