Fundraiser for the Asian Pacific Islander Freedom School

April 23, 2011

Saturday April 30th, 7pm

Raising funds for a summer program for political education and empowerment of API youth. Check out their website:


My Parade (POC punks)
Blossoms of Fire (Rogue Pinay and friends)
Mr. Longhill and Secret Strawberries (Acoustic Sweetness)

Also: Bake Sale and possibly Karaoke!

3319 17th Ave S (Beacon Hill)
Buses = 36, 60, Light Rail
Showspace is wheelchair accessible by ramp.!/event.php?eid=164786326912197


The Asian Pacific Islander Freedom School is a groundbreaking grassroots effort of community-based organizations and activists in the Pacific Northwest to mobilize and empower youth.
Inspired by the work of the Tyree Scott Freedom School, the API Freedom School will target API youth — with special outreach to recent immigrants, refugees and low-income students — through a curriculum focused on diverse API history, art, culture and critical contemporary social issues using a broad-based anti-oppression approach.
Set to launch in July 2011, the week-long APIFS will provide a safe, dynamic learning space for API youth to learn from local API community leaders. The APIFS will build strong inter-community and -generational connections to grow the next generation of API community leaders, and expand the sustainability of larger social justice movement work.

Common Spaces Northwest

April 20, 2011

Common Spaces Northwest is a gathering for those interested or involved in various social or environmental justice issues to come together to discover commonalities, share ideas, and learn through one another. It is being organized by a collection of organizations and individuals from around Seattle who are interested in a wide range of issues, from labor rights to food justice to race and gender issues. Common Spaces will take the form of a three-day series of activities, on April 21st through 23rd, at the University of Washington  Seattle campus.

Click below for the schedule of events:

For more info on the other events during CSNW (also for the full schedule in which you can actually read the descriptions 🙂 ):

Selecting Society: Disability Issues and Intersectionality

Thursday, April 21 · 5:00pm – 7:00pm CHID Lounge (Padelford Hall @UW)
This workshop will present disability as a social construct, differentiating between the medical and social models of disability. We will explore the history of the disability rights and eugenics movements, and discuss intersectionalities of disability and other social groups, the future of disability rights, and the implications of current “eugenic” practices.

SEATTLE SEXUAL POLITICS: Understanding the Moratorium on Strip Clubs and Its Demise

April 19, 2011

April 20, 2011 @ 12:00 to 1:30pm
Pigott Room 102, Seattle University

Abstract: Regulating sex is a managed process that is written on physical geographies and inscribed on moral imaginations. An understanding of a place for sex demands a multi-dimensional focus that is comfortable with contradictions, change, and structure. An interrogation of a range of social actors, such as sex business owners, sex workers, and local officials is imperative to developing an exploration of the “place” of sex businesses. Drawing largely from interviews from former and current city officials, this talk will discuss the seventeen-year moratorium on the licensing of new strip clubs in Seattle, the process of upholding the moratorium, the anticipation of its demise, and the aftermath. Analysis will also be made from newspaper articles and City Council meeting transcript to better understand the “silence” and the “noise” that surround the moratorium and eventually, Referendum 1 in 2006. In this respect, this talk illuminates the interplay between strip clubs and the regulation of “norms” in the absence of a “moral panic.”
Contact: Gary Perry @

Upcoming Consent 101 workshop!

April 18, 2011

This Thursday, April 21st, BTS is hosting a Consent 101 workshop from 6-8pm at Seattle University. We welcome people of all backgrounds and identities! You don’t have to be a student to attend, community members are welcome! The workshop teaches applicable skills on implementing active sexual/relational consent into our lives and relationships through discussion and group activities. For more info on the workshop, see the resources tab.

UPDATE: Location change to Room #322 (we may be moving to another room, but we will meet here initially and post any changes on the door)
Fireside Lounge at Seattle University

3rd floor of the Student Center (Cherry and 12th)
Wheelchair accessible.
Please don’t wear perfume or cologne! We are trying to make this accessible to folks who are sensitive to chemical fragrances.

Northwest Network: Spring 2011 Relationship Skills Class

April 12, 2011

Youth Forum Against Police Terrorism

April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 3:30-5:00 pm
SafeFutures Youth Center (6337 35th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126)

90’s Upheaval is a youth activist organization against police brutality. We have organized a school walkout, rallies, marches, protests and now we’re holding a community forum! We’re going to explain what our group is and what we do, show videos of police brutality caught on camera, and have time for Q&A. Come to talk about problems you’ve had with the police/discuss police brutality and what we can do about it. Your voice is vital to the cause & we can’t do it without you!! (:!/event.php?eid=199993453373618

Marginal Bodies: Queer Migrations

April 11, 2011

Pigott Auditorium, Pigott Building, Seattle University
Monday, April 11th  @ 7pm

Please join the Office of Multicultural Affairs for a multimedia lecture by Queer Colombian video artist mónica enríquez-enríquez.  enríquez-enríquez is a video artist who engages creative work as a site for community activism and a means to challenge normative constructions of gender, desire, citizenship and nation. More information @