CELEBRATE International Women’s Day!

*Tuesday, March 8th ~ 6pm-9pm*
*POCAAN Offices, 1609 19th Ave, Seattle, WA*

*Co-sponsors: **Dyke Community Action, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (Seattle Chapter), LELO, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (Seattle Chapter), King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Crow Legacy, Puget Sound Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Seattle NOW, US Women and Cuba Collaboration*

Join us for our second annual awards celebration – honoring 11 local women for their work for women and girls. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York City that killed 140 workers, many of them women who died due to a lack of safety measures.

The community celebration will be festive with cultural performances and a community potluck. At the same time, International Women’s Day reminds us that our struggle is not over. Today, women’s reproductive rights are under attack and the hard fought rights of women workers and all workers are on the chopping block using the economic crisis as the reason. Let’s gather to celebrate and recommit ourselves to build a world free from violence against women. Since this event is a community potluck, we suggest bringing a dish according to the first letter of your first name, so we have a semi balance of dishes – A-D bring a snack or appetizer, E-I bring a salad, J-L a warm vegetable, M-P a main dish, vegetarian, Q-T a main dish non-vegetarian, and U-Z a dessert. Of course you are welcome to choose to bring anything you want to make or have a specialty in!



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