Videos for Thought

November 28, 2010

Just wanted to share a few videos that were viewed at the last few BTS meetings:

on “retro-sexism”:


on sexism in music videos:



Holla Back!

November 28, 2010

Street harassment is a topic that often gets ignored when engaging in discussions surrounding sexualized violence yet it is a very real phenomenon. Street harassment is an explicit manifestation of the larger oppressive social systems of patriarchy and sexism affecting all of us, but more specifically women of color (and the LGBTQ community).The act is a perpetuation of  a culture that glorifies hyper-masculine aggression and gives men a false sense of entitlement over women’s bodies. Many individuals are often afraid of saying anything while getting harassed for fear of violence or confrontation. There have been several blogs and websites created with the intent to provide safe spaces for victims to tell their stories of street harassment and “holla back” against disrespectful words and gestures hurled at them in the street. Also some provide ways and tactics of dealing with street harassers.


Here’s some links to a few websites:


Also, here is a really awesome poem/short film about the topic:

just some self-care

November 22, 2010

Here’s a sweet cartoon from the webcomic SubNormality that points out the gap between what we think about things and how they really are…with some awesome monsters thrown in.  Happy Monday!

Anti-Colonial Feminisms

November 13, 2010

Check out what’s happening with those UW radicals… BTS will be sure to represent. 🙂

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The Antechamber Collective supports autonomous forms of education that dissolve conventional distinctions between academics and community-based action, on the one hand, and between student and professional authority on the other. If you would like to propose a seminar topic of your own, or if you have an ongoing reading group, we will help publicize it. Students can and should educate themselves.

Anticolonial Feminisms (meeting Saturdays, 5:00 pm in the back room of Cafe Allegro):

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

This is a sketch and nothing here is mandatory: we prefer collaboration to inflexible adherence to an outline. Each stage could take 1-3 weeks to discuss before moving forward, and we will be working with guest participants as well as going out to events and actions. This seminar will last as long as its members want to stay engaged, and we will adapt the pace of each week to our own needs. You can email suggestions to

Amazing Non-Monogamous Relationships Workshop

November 13, 2010

Join BTS members December 1st and 8th from 6 to 8:30 at Seattle Central Community College for a workshop put on by the Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse.  See the wonderful description below, contact information on the flier (register by November 17):

*Building Amazing Non-monogamous Relationships!*

A Relationship Skills Booster Class
Wednesdays, Dec. 1st and 8th
6-830pm @ Seattle Central Community College (Capitol Hill)

Interested in information and skills to build relationships outside of a monogamous model!? Come! Whether you have had years of practice in open, non-monogamous relationships or just beginning to think about how to integrate this into your life, this is for you!

The focus will not be on discussions of different models of non-monogamy, polyamory and open relationships and their strengths and challenges (though there will be information presented based on these experiences), but rather on how to *self-reflect*, *build skills* and *develop a model of relationships that work for you*!

*Topics include:*

Handling Jealousy
Setting Boundaries
Practical Skills
Staying Connected and more!

This class is open to:
Previous Relationship Skills Class Participants; Bisexual people & their friends & loved ones; Trans people & their friends & loved ones; All LGBTQ people & their friends & loved ones!

*Come one, come all. Come regardless of relationship status or relationship history.*
*Interpreters are available *

(Please register by Wednesday, November 17th)
Suggested Donation: $40. No one will be turned away for the lack of funds!