Accepting Workshop Proposals

We need proposals for workshops for the upcoming Creative Resistance Conference (it’s four weeks away). Click the link below to open the proposal form. Please email completed forms or any questions to

Creative Resistance Workshop Proposal Form

Proposals are due by March 30th!

Thank you! Possible workshop themes brainstormed by planning collective (please feel free to use any or non of these ideas!):

Accountability processes
Anti-oppression 101 / Collective Liberation
Buildings & phallic symbols
Commodification of violence/body – Capitalism
Creativity & Resistance (i.e. Writing & Resistance, Resistance through art)
Domestic sex trafficking &/or intn’l trafficking
Ethics of love
Femicide (i.e. Women of Juarez)
Grassroots fundraising
Historical romance novels- race/sexual violence & perpetuation of oppression
Interpersonal violence as linked to State violence
Legacy of language used around colonization
Marital rape/domestic violence
Mixed race & colonialism
Occupation of Afghanistan/Iraq/present situation
/ heteropatriarchy
Police, gentrification, brutality
Popular culture & sexualized violence
Pornography & sexualized violence

Queering our political practice
Reproductive freedom
Self-defense workshop
Sex positivity & healing after sexual assault
Sex workers
Sexual assault in the military
Sexual harassment in workplaces & the work of unions
Sexualized violence as a weapon for colonialism (past & present)
Skill-based workshops
Sterilization of poor/disabled women/women of color
Systems of violence (Non-Profit Industrial Complex, Prison Industrial Complex, etc)
Transformative Justice: building social movements
Transphobia, Genderism
Youth organizing


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