Updates: 2010 Conference Planning and Events

December 23, 2009

Hey everyone!

It’s been two months since our last update, so today’s the day we are breaking the silence. 😉

Here’s what we’ve got:

> Planning for the 2010 conference is just getting underway. We are working on a location and finalizing the date. It looks like the conference will take place around mid-April. We are hoping to focus on creativity and healing as central parts of anti-violence work. Please send us an email if you are interested in helping plan at nwbreakthesilence@gmail.com . Everyone is welcome! The more voices and ideas the better!
> We held our first trial run of our consent workshop in November. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and who attended! We are hoping to incorporate suggestions and revise the content by early January. Please send us an email if you are interested in attending (or facilitating!). 🙂
> In early October, we hosted a successful open house for the BTS drop-in center (see post below for more info on the center). We are hoping to renew this project in the months ahead!

Take care and keep in touch!