The time for the Sexual Violence Open house has been changed to 12:15 – 1:15 PM (Thursday Oct. 8th, 2009 at the Wismer Center)

You are invited to join Break The Silence for an open house of…
The Sexual Violence Drop-In Center
A space for healing, creativity, community & resistance in the face of sexual violence
Thursday October 8th at 12:15-1:15pm
Wismer Center (next to Loyola & ENGR lab)
Come eat lunch and build community!
This event will provide folks with a chance to learn about the history and work of BTS (Break the Silence),  how to get involved in current BTS projects (esp. the weekly Sexual Violence Drop-In), engage in a surprise activity and start to build community.  All are welcome!
Beginning as a student-service learning project in 2007, Break the Silence has most recently emerged this year as an established group on campus and within our community.  BTS believes that through creativity, education, and action we can fight against sexualized violence.  By exploring the ways that personal experiences are linked to larger forms of oppression, we can transform our communities, embrace consent and be sex positive.
Working Principles of the Sexual Violence Drop-In Center include:

  • Engage in collective healing, critical dialogue, creative artistic expression and participatory education to build individual and collective power and inspire action
  • Prioritize the safety and empowerment of survivors of sexualized violence as well as all marginalized populations  
  • Open space for all who seek to challenge interpersonal and institutional violence
  • Build a politicized and supportive community on campus that works with off-campus organizations
  • Embrace feminist ideas and practices that address all forms of oppression (e.g. racism, sexism,  heterosexism, classism, ablism, etc.)
  • Create grassroots alternatives of addressing sexual violence through building community
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